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    All of this means you can sex chat with thousands of live amateur models – from all the best adult cam sites – through our super-simple, convenient interface. Or perhaps you could include a clause in the marriage vows so that you are both clear about your commitment to each other:- “Love, Honour and Betray”.

    Internet dating aint just for douchebags

    You’re not Jack Nicholson, and you’re (probably) not Corey Hart.

    In case you’re wondering why it’s taken 20 minutes to get your second drink… YOU WEAR YOUR SUNGLASSES INSIDE—OR WORSE, AT NIGHT. Hate to tell you, but your CEO buddy met 300 other guys at that networking event last month. YOU KEEP EMPTY LIQUOR BOTTLES AND DISPLAY THEM LIKE TROPHIES.

    – then acting like a fuckboy is a great way to make sure it never happens. If you want to be someone that women might actually spend naked time with, then you have to send the signals and ask yourself: WWJHD? Right off the bat, you’ve shoved yourself into the same category of desirability as sweaty gym socks and that white stuff that forms at the corner of your mouth when you’re really thirsty.

    They allow you to compress a workout in minimal time for maximum results. You submit to a searing program and no one would begrudge the odd glance at the results in the abundant mirrors. That means quick, during the exercises, so you can at least use “form” as a pretext. ” So why would you ever think it appropriate in the gym?

    But unless your last name is Packer, Zuckerberg or Gates, chances are you don’t have a private facility on hand. Most people abide by the unspoken rules of working out with strangers, but there's always a few who don’t. If you want to teabag each other, fair enough, do it behind closed doors and not to help him nail that last rep. The reason that women-only gyms exist is because someone, somewhere, told men that "chicks" – their word, not ours – love nothing more than being hit on mid work-out. And no woman has ever said, “I knew he was the guy for me when he came over and said I was mistiming my squats.” Click through to see #6. But for the love of manners and hygiene, wipe down the equipment when you’re done.

    Shifting around tens of kilograms of solid metal is hard work. But you don’t have to sound as if you’re rupturing your spleen with every rep. If you happen to witness this spectacle, take heart in the fact you're not in the adjacent room on this muppet's honeymoon. It would be naïve to suggest that gyms aren’t temples of vanity. You’d think twice about saying to a buddy, “Listen, I’m going to stand over your face with my nuts a few centimetres from your chin while you work out, okay?

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    Because sex is so much more easily attainable for women – or so the conventional wisdom goes – they have luxury of being able to define the standards which men must meet, wantonly cutting off men who are not rich, tall douchebags with square jaws and fast cars.

    In one of the more fascinating (if you like semiotics and lexicography) examples of linguistic migration, fuckboy was first popularized by Cam’ron in the song “Boy, Boy” and spread out from there to other artists’ work.

    And then it hit social media and basically fucking exploded all over the place. They’re the douchebags who make women shut down their accounts and reconsider the possibility of celibacy.

    See, this ties back into the age-old (bullshit) idea that women aren’t as sexual as men are, that they don’t like casual sex and that their lack of interest makes them the sexual gatekeepers.

    Except – as I’ve covered before – the problem isn’t that women don’t like less likely to hop in the sack with someone if it doesn’t seem like the sex will be worth the risk.

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